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A complete guide to your common concerns and queries which are helpful to know us better and gives the answers to your questions in detail.



For how many years your presence has been in this business?


As a team we have been giving our services for last more than 15 years to help prospective individuals.


How much is the amount of approximate data held by you?


More than 20000 individuals’ profiles are held by us looking forward to find an ideal life partner for them.


What are the kinds of profiles you hold?


Mainly profiles of Hindu and Sikh aspirants are currently held by us in our website.


What is the assurance of confidentiality?


Any details which are given to us by aspirants are strictly kept confidential. Permission of the concerned person is sought beforehand prior to making any type of disclosure. Personal information is not at all disclosed upon recommendations.


What procedure of registration needs to be followed?


Online, a simple form for registration has been made available. After all the fields are filled and the registration process is completed, it is time for you to begin searching other members’ profiles.


 Are divorcees’ profiles also available?


Profile of any member who has marital status as single, widow or widower (with /without children) or divorcee is provided support from our side. Certification of certainty is not present in life so we give our help to all categories of individuals who are in search of a life partner. 


How long the membership remains valid?


There is variation in duration of validity depending on the membership plans offered by Canada Marriage Bureau. One can log on to http://www.canadamarriagebureau.com/premium_member


Are there any additional charges to be paid?


No additional charges of any kind are there. Mention of complete list of charges in detail is made on the website. One can log on to http://www.nrimb.com/premium_member


What number of potential matches will be sent to me?


At least all details of six prospective matches are sent through email by us. No maximum limit is there. It, however, is subject to the profiles’ availability that fulfill your preferences or precise needs.



there a possibility to meet the people around the area where I live?


By our team greatest efforts are made to search an ideal candidate near your area of living. However, we consider many other factors besides locality to guide us in sending prospective matches’ profiles to you. Always our main consideration is the compatibility of your profile. In case of your insistence to have only profiles of prospective matches from your locality then there will be no guarantee of a minimum number of profiles in 12 months from our side. 



Will any kind of my family involvement be there?


Only our members are our organization’s main focus. Specifications given by our members are firmly complied with from our end. Existence of complexities in any family is fully realized by us. Therefore, from our side there is assurance of confidentiality not just from parents but also from children if they do exist. Only in case a member grants permission to us, we arrange a meeting with the family.



Does any guarantee exist from your end?


Only guarantee of best services from our side can be provided but for obvious reasons we do not guarantee marriage. All efforts by the team of Canada Marriage Bureau are made to present you with ideal matches. Finally, however, you are free absolutely to make your mind up about getting married or not to a person. That is the reason of our not giving a marriage guarantee.



Is upgrading of one’s membership possible?


Certainly memberships upgrading can be done whenever one wishes after paying the difference of fee between the present membership and the desired one but membership period will have no change.



What happens if the services of Canada Marriage Bureau fail to satisfy me?


In case our services don’t satisfy you in any manner by any remote chance, we request you politely to visit our office at the first possible chance. Personal attention will be paid by our team to your problem, it will be thrashed out so as to rectify in no time. We will also try that there exist no reasons for you to complain in future.



Should one deem the website secure?


Professionals at Canada Marriage Bureau adopt best measures to keep your details with us completely secured. For maintenance of secrecy reputed servers are made use of. To reduce any leakages of information while credit card transactions happen, we make use of the services of a Secure Payment Company.



If I forget my password what is the procedure to be followed?


Immediately send us an email at info@canadamarriagebureau.com to get our help if your password for your online profile with us has been forgotten. By visiting the member section you can, by yourself also, reset your password.



Why different packages are at offer by Canada Marriage Bureau?


In order to meet the various needs of diverse individuals we present many different packages. There are demands by some persons for just those profiles which are compatible both to them as well as their family. So, to search best match in such conditions we present Custom Package Membership and make additional efforts to get best match. There still are other people who only just need basic details of prospective profiles and wish to discuss other factors by themselves. For such clients we offer the FREE membership package advantage.



What procedure is there for data removal from Canada Marriage Bureau?


In this regard just rush an email to us at info@canadamarriagebureau.com In case you want removal of your details from our website. From the website we will remove your profile. Your details, however, will still be kept in our records so as to notify you in future if we locate a profile strongly meeting your desires. Your membership with us will continue till its expiry date even after you have sent your data removal request to us. After your membership expiry no further match searching will be done from our end. It also will make you loose a renewal chance.




In this field our more than 15 years of experience makes Canada Marriage Bureau an organization that is highly reputed. Finest efforts from the side of our team are made to answer every query and question of the members with the finest solutions. If you have still got any more query related to our services send us an e-mail at info@canadamarriagebureau.com You will gladly be served by our team.




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