Privacy Policy

For safety of your details. Those details are only visible to others which you filled as mentioned on the website. Without your expressed permission any details discussed with our reps. are not revealed to anybody else.



General Information

A commitment of safety of privacy of information is provided to each and every member of Canada Marriage Bureau. For collection, storage, usage and disclosure of information Canada Marriage Bureau strictly follows Canadian Privacy Act R.S.C., 1985, C.P-21 Act. We state privacy practices of our website through Canada Marriage Bureau privacy policy accessible to our website’s visitors. This privacy statement’s base (inclusive of terms and conditions and other documents) is data which we collect from members or which the members furnish us. All this data undergoes our processing. Once you accept to use our offered services and products we consider it to be your permission to utilize all the personal data which you provided as per our terms and conditions and company’s privacy policy.



What Information do we gather


The Canada Marriage Bureau collects two categories of data:


  1. PII or Personally Identifiable Information – This includes data which represents you as an individual
  2. Non- PII or ‘Non-Personally Identifiable Information– All other information which does not particularly represent you is included by it. Also known as ‘sensitive personal data’

 How our team collects a member’s PII and Non-PII information and how we use it in a best possible manner to assist your best partner search is described in the section below:



Our method of information collection and usage


Log files


The moment you visit our website all types of information related to the manner in which you use our website gets collected. The aspects, some of which we analyze include; IP address, internet service provider, type of platform, browser kind, number of clicks, referred pages, exit pages, date, time, etc. We use these factors in administration of website, evaluation of ongoing trend, collection of broad demographic information and average visitor movement tracking. This also helps our understanding of most popular part of our website.



Registration/ subscription questionnaires and personality profiles


A broad range of knowledge about you is gathered by our team as you register with Canada Marriage Bureau so as to know you fully as an individual. We also put to use this information to find most compatible partner lasting forever. On the basis of answers you provided in the questionnaire your personality profile is built. To suggest you most suitable matches our ‘Match-Me’ service gets helped by this profile.


We keep complete Personal information given through the questionnaires as strictly confidential. Privacy settings, however, can be altered by a member for personal information sharing with other member/s.  



Aggregate information


We also gather other kinds of information from members together with personality profile. It consists of information like age, height, weight, occupation, location, ethnicity, religion, name, etc. To give information about you in more detail to your prospective partners this is needed. When these aspects of details are provided by you to Canada Marriage Bureau we consider it to be your consent to our disclosure of the information to other members of the website when required.

Pictures and videos submission to us for sharing online is allowed to our members. However, your doing so is considered to be your permission to Canada Marriage Bureau to share them with users of our services and members of our website. In case of your being user of community service ‘Advice’ you can get total control over the information about you to be shared with those who give your profile a visit. The PII disclosure is never done unless the profile owner gives us permission to do so.



Purchase Information


Canada Marriage Bureau, together with other services also provides a subscriber based service for those who ask for it and for those people who buy our products for the purpose of achieving thriving relationships and personal growth. For confirmation of subscription of such services or purchases we gather vital information. Some of the details so collected include the following; name, phone no., e-mail ID, billing address, credit card information and shipping address.



Emails and telephone calls


An e-mail ID by every new subscriber is to be provided to us necessarily. We notify you through your e-mail the moment we find a prospective match for you by our ‘Match-Me’ service according to your profile and details submitted to us.


We send newsletters to our community service subscribers, like ‘Advice’ on their e-mail ID after getting consent from them. We also use E-mail ID for subscribers’ notification about events, promotions, new products, recent developments and other such vital information. If one wants to stop receiving e-mails, one can have a glance at ‘choice/opt-out’ section.


Our team can also use the phone number given to us by you for giving you information only about the services offered by Canada Marriage Bureau. If you don’t wish to receive marketing calls or other suggestions by phone from us, please write to us or send us an e-mail.



Demographic and profile data


We utilize such data for learning about our website’s visitors’ experience. With this focus of mind content modification is done and only those parts are presented in which audience shows interest and such content which we consider necessary.



Online survey data


Conducting voluntary member surveys is routinely undertaken by our team.. We encourage all members/subscribers’ participation in such surveys. By such a feedback from subscribers we get an understanding of number of improvements needed in our services. No displaying of the survey on the PII is done and the answers also are anonymous.



Information regarding friends


We will appreciate if you refer us a friend of yours. This can simply be done by providing us the name and e-mail ID of such friends. Storage of such information will be done in our database and we will send e-mail on your friend’s e-mail ID mentioning your name along with greetings. We will request your friend to pay our website a visit. We will not send any more e-mails or promotional mails on friend’s e-mail ID unless the person signs-up for it By following a simple and prompt process your friend will also be able to remove information related to him/her from our database.  



Public forums


For subscribers or visitors discussion boards are sometimes opened. There is no responsibility of Canada Marriage Bureau for information exchanged over such platforms. As information of such public forums is open for reading by everybody we humbly advice our clients to exercise caution while sharing it.



Use for research


Your initiation of using of Canada Marriage Bureau services is considered to be your consent for usage of your information in anonymous form for research purposes and for improvising improvements in our services. Academic journals might as well be using such research. Publish of all responses and PII is never done.



Disclosure of your information to third parties


Disclosure as required by law


If it is necessary as per law or considered necessary by us you allow Canada Marriage Bureau to disclose your information for:

  • Request by law enforcement or for any other legal procedure requirement
  • Third parties
  • For right protection of Canada Marriage Bureau or that of a third party
  • In order to protect life or for safety and health of a human being if it is endangered.



Disclosure for abuse victimsprotection


If there is a suspicion by Canada Marriage Bureau that any information given to website relates to a party who is an abuse victim, then the website holds the right to disclose or report it to legal authorities. Any kind of abuse like child abuse, domestic violence, spousal abuse, elder abuse, etc. are all included.


Disclosure to trusted third parties by us


Your PII might get shared by us with third party service providers linked to us. We are provided help by these trusted third parties for provision of better service. These third parties will keep the PII confidential. By Telephone or e-mail we will seek your consent before sharing of such information with those third parties which devote themselves to offering goods and services in which you might have interest. By using ‘choice/opt-out’ option any time this facility can be stopped.



Disclosure to trusted third parties at your request


After subscription Canada Marriage Bureau offers, on behalf of third parties, a number of sweepstakes, advertisements and promotions to subscribers/members of the website. Responsibility of acceptance of such offers and sending of information directly to third parties is solely of the subscriber. We will transmit your information only once you give your consent. It is solely your discretion to opt-out of any offer anytime you want.



Age Restrictions


Our website’s terms and conditions affirm without ambiguity that our services are not directed towards any person whose age is less than 18 years. We may remove a profile from our database if our website has a reason to believe that the owner is below 18 years of age.





Our database’s information safety is ensured by Canada Marriage Bureau by usage of high-class security measures. To make sure that no misuse, loss or needless changing of data takes place, wide-ranging technological advancements are undertaken. For the protection of the information tendered to us via the internet reasonably sufficient care is undertaken. A 100 percent warranty or guarantee, however, can not be provided for the information submitted via the internet.




Choice/ Opt-out


The storage of your PII is done by us only till the time it is necessary for the purpose it is required for. If you as a subscriber want to opt-out of services of Canada Marriage Bureau, you can remove the information from our database in the following way :

  • Our website : can be accessed by you and then help link at the bottom of page can be clicked on. In searching answers our FAQ section can also provide you help.
  • Also an e-mail can also be sent by you to reach us at –    to get help from our friendly staff.
  • You also can mail us a postal mail at our postal address : Canada Marriage Bureau CORP.



Access to information


To access any information held by us about you is your right as per the laws and the relevant Acts. You will, however, be required to pay a nominal fee if you wish to know your details stored in our database.





You can choose ‘My Settings’ option on the home page to make changes to the credit card details, password, or any such information. The editable information list can be got from ‘Account Settings’ link. If you further face a problem you can always ask for our staff’s support.



Acceptance of Privacy Statement


Our services usage by you is subject to our set of terms and conditions in case of a dispute about privacy of information. We will update this page in case any changes are undertaken by us related to privacy policy and to our subscribers notifications will be sent either through e-mails or any other form of communication. If you continue using our website after our sending the notifications or after we have made the changes, it will be considered that you have acceptance of our updated privacy policy.

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